EmedAsia is an E-Commerce platform where clinic owners can join and purchase items needed for their clinics.

While the General Practitioner clinics market size is estimated at RM5 billion per annum, the pharma market for GP & CP is more than RM3 billion per annum.

Many companies spend huge amount on marketing & brand awareness without knowing who potential buyers are. With doctors in a common platform like EmedAsia many suppliers have shown interest to place their products on this platform with competitive pricing.

Items ranging from pharmaceutical products, consumables, medical devices and other items used in clinics will be sold on this platform starting off with pharmaceutical products and medical devices in this first phase.

The EmedAsia is open to all clinic owners who have a Borang B/F and also to ambulatory care centres.

The registration for EmedAsia is free of charge.

The information and documents required when you register is important for regulatory compliance.

The EmedAsia (no joining fee) is substantially owned by KOOP MMA (Need to fill a membership form and pay subscription fees if interested to join KOOP MMA). However KOOP MMA membership is not a prerequisite to join EmedAsia.

For any queries kindly drop an email to : chairman@koopmma.com or secretary@koopmma.com

Section A: Clinic Details

Basic Information

Shipping Address (Must be same with Borang B or Borang F)


Section B: Electronic Health Records
Section C: Document Upload
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Acceptance of Terms of Service, Privacy Policy
I confirm that the following facilities are available in the clinic computer, telephone, internet, printer, scanner, and fax machine.
I declare that the information I have given on this form is true and complete and that I have not been convicted or found guilty of any criminal offence in any country.
I accept and agree to be bound by the EmedAsia Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.